The game of Tennis

Tennis is a sport based on natural sciences and their laws.

The sciences like physics, biomechanics, physiology and psychology are very important part to understand why the approach to practice and match play is so different. Tennis is a game performed by human beings and if we understand more about the nature laws that make us or help us move, run or hit the ball we will understand the game of tennis much better. All of us are human beings and for us to perform the way we want, in the best way, we need to understand the science behind every movement. When we understand that, we would be able to control it. If we control it, we would be able to perform at our best level.

I will try through series of tennis videos to explain that tennis IS a science because it’s based on science.

Through physics we will understand: The motion of the ball. How does it bounce and why? How does the ball travel through the air? What are the best positions on the court to hit the ball straight or crosscourt etc.

Through biomechanics and physiology, we will understand: How the tennis shots are performed considering the usage of the muscles, joints, rotation, releasing the energy, body weight, the weight transfer etc.

Psychology is one the most important factors to understand how the player can transfer the practice into a match play in the easiest and most efficient way and it’s one of the most important aspects of tennis.

The point of this blog is for me to try to make you a smarter player, a player that understand why some things happen in tennis. The player that can realize why does some errors and mistakes are happening and to make you capable to enjoy much more in the game itself if you really understand what is really behind it.