Unit turn, loading, unloading, stretch shortening momentum and finishing of the stroke

It’s amazing that we can have the real time feedback about the ratio of the proper to unproper muscles used during the stroke execution using Athos equipment.

Body segments must be coordinated and synchronized in such a way that a highest racquet speed is generated at the impact point.

As spin is more and more introduced into the game of tennis, there was a lot of confusion how to create a spin in  a most efficient way. By confusion I mean teaching kids to create a lot of spin using their arms solely, seeing lots of kids in a very early age having problems […]

Two crucial elements are analyzed in this blog:

1. Positioning to the ball (How to successfully position the body stepping away from the ball)
2. Efficient stroke and recovery (How to successfully create enough power so the trajectory of the ball is deep and controlling while keeping the balance and recovery potential)

There are many directions in which the player moves during his performance. By all tennis game analysis, lateral movement (side to side) is around 70% of the whole court coverage, therefore it’s a crucial for the optimal result to control the body (keep the dynamic balance) while moving laterally.

Loading consists of the engagement of the major muscle groups to create the most efficient kinetic chain movement while keeping the dynamic balance. What does this mean?