After the contact phase, it is all about directing the ball and deceleration of the whole movement in the way that the muscles, tendons and ligaments are protected from the chronic injuries.

Contact point is the peak of the acceleration phase. The energy created through the kinetic chain is finally transferred into the distal wrist joint directing the energy of the leg drive, trunk rotation, shoulder internal rotation, forearm pronation and finally the wrist flexion into one special point of time and space

In the cocking phase, the elastic energy is stored in the major slow moving muscle groups, and through the acceleration phase, this energy is released through the faster moving muscle groups to the ball. How?

What is preparation phase? Placing the ball in the air while the body is getting ready to store the energy (cocking phase) in the most efficient way for the throwing motion (acceleration and follow through phase).

What is leg drive?

The first link in the kinetic chain motion of the serve, using the ground reaction forces as the player push off the ground and its efficiency depends on the coordinated and synchronized extension of three joints (starting from the ankles to the knee joints and then to the hip joints)

Linear momentum in the serve motion is achieved when the whole body has reached the height from where the player can produce the perfect upper body turn (angular momentum) and create the most efficient follow through movement. For this to happen, the legs should create such a powerful drive that can transfer the energy through […]