Breathing in Tennis and How does it Influence Stroke Production

Implementing breathing in the tennis practice routine will enable players to:
1. Rely on the kinetic chain as the source of power and control
2. Have more constant timing of the strokes
3. Relax the muscles during the contact point
4. Perform with effortless and fluent follow through
5. Decrease the levels of anxiety and stress during and after the points
6. Increase the levels of concentration and confidence
7. Stabilize the core
8. Move efficiently
9. Delay the Feeling of fatigue
10. Reduce the chances of injuries


Contact point is the peak of the acceleration phase. The energy created through the kinetic chain is finally transferred into the distal wrist joint directing the energy of the leg drive, trunk rotation, shoulder internal rotation, forearm pronation and finally the wrist flexion into one special point of time and space