The science gives you answers to play better and win

Technique is very important factor in winning and playing a good game but there are other factors in tennis as well.  To win a match in tennis, we have to focus and put our mind how we  practice and play points. This will eventually lead in creating a champion.

The winner is not always who practices the most or hits the ball hardest or have the most expensive equipment. The winner is always the one playing smart tennis and who makes less errors. Mostly matches and points played are won by players who LOSE less points, not WIN more. The game is not about how many winners you made but how many unforced errors you DIDN’T make.

The safest shots are the spin shots. Keep the ball in the game using the spin, play high percentage tennis. Spin is the best way to keep rally going, patience is what brings most of the points. When we are gonna talk about the spin, we will talk about different angles of hitting spin, how to use them all. Hitting the ball more cross court increases the chances of winning as the area is bigger and the ball travels longer making the shot safer.

All the explanations are coming and they are based on pure scientific facts.


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