Who am I and my technical-tactical correction program


一対一 テニス矯正プログラム

One on One Tennis Correction Program


by Milos Dimic, contact: milosd@iammilosiamtennis.com
USPTA Elite Professional, USPTA Sports Science Specialist, ITPA Tennis Performance Trainer, RPT Competitive coach, Graduated Master of Training Technology. 

For four years in Japan, I have helped junior players to reach to the highest rankings at the singles All Japan Championships, Kanto Championships, All Japan High School tournaments and the titles of Yokohama High School champions.

USPTA エリートプロフェッショナル、USPTA スポーツサイエンス、ITPAテニスコンディショナー



One on one correction program is created for tournament players or players that are trying to raise significantly the level of their game. Based on the experience of working with the WTA, ITF, ETA players and National champions, the two months correction program is designed for each player specifically, corresponding to their physical and psychological abilities.


Three elements of the correction program・強化する三点:
1. Improvement of the movement technique, which will benefit the player with having more balance and stroke stability。

2. Improvement of the technical elements of the strokes, which will benefit the player with more power and control

3. Improvement of the weight transfer technique, which will benefit the player with injury free technique of using the proper muscle groups to create more power



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