Personality is a strong foundation for the athlete’s development and managing of thoughts, emotions and behavior in general. As such, it determines the athlete’s levels and types of motivation, self confidence, perception and attitude as well as many other psychological components of the athletic performance

How do the athletes respond to the training dosage may differ most likely due to the difference in their physiological (genetics) and psychological (personality) characteristic

The center of the mass of the body is directly connected with the centering of the athlete’s mind. As centering of the mind makes the athlete more grounded, calm and relaxed, it lowers the levels of anxiety. Centering the thoughts, the athlete can be fully aware of the body’s position and to be exact – it’s center of mass and transfer of weight around it

Creating a feeling of proper loading and unloading the body parts is first step in creating the awareness of the power source


サービスの運動連鎖において効率的な荷重をかけcockingする段階を踏んだ後にラケットをスイングする段階となる。Cocking phaseでは、ゆっくり動く大きな筋肉にそのしなやかなエネルギーが溜められ、加速段階においてこのエネルギーはより早く動く筋肉からボールに伝わる。